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Below you’ll find ongoing resources for your teaching practice. Including the Residency Map templates, resources to support engaging and applying the Liberated Learning Framework, supporting various types of learners, etc.

  • 4 boxes with symbols and words for the liberated learnign framework - communiy building, cultural humility, student agency, and responsive planning on a red and blue background

    Liberated Learning Classroom Framework

    Go to these pages to learn in depth about our Liberated Learning Environment Framework
    Detailed LLEF Supports
  • A visual support card for the vocabulary word audience - shows lots of students some in wheelchairs, multi racial, one with noise protection, and one with a fidget.

    Working with SwD?

    TeachwithGIVE is an online resource to support you teaching in inclusion classrooms and supporting SwD in your classrooms.
    Teach with GIVE
  • a group of middle school boys dancing while their peer films with an ipad

    Working with MLs?

    Developing English Language Skills through the Arts is a research program AC developed and has many resources for supporting Multilingual Learners
    DELLTA Resources
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    NYC Public Schools Guidelines

    Support Transgender and Gender Expansive Students
    Access Guidlines Access Guidlines
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    NYC Public Schools Guidelines

    Implement gender-inclusive curricula, programs, activities, and practices that are consistent with this policy and with the DOE’s commitment to equity and access.
    Access NYC Public Schools Resources