Educator Workshops

Activating arts experiences to build knowledge, develop skills, and inspire changes.

How we work

We value the expertise of teachers and artists and engage them creatively in examining and improving their teaching practice by engaging them…

  • As Artists

    Teachers have the opportunity to experience the artistic process that their students are engaged in, enabling them to develop a deeper understanding of the work and better support their students as learners.

    An Example of Experiential Learning
  • As Researchers

    Following AC's Action Research process educators work together to design, test and revise new teaching strategies.
  • In-Community

    The learning built through peer learning communities carries forward with their members beyond the workshops.

Classroom Teachers & School Administrators

Workshops focus on strategies for fostering welcoming, affirming, inclusive, and rigorous learning by activating skills embedded into artistic practices and experiences.  CTLE credit possible.


  • Arts Integration

    In arts integration workshops the arts become the approach to teaching and the vehicle for learning. Students meet dual learning objectives when they engage in the creative process to explore connections between an art form and another subject area to gain greater understanding in both.

  • A girl holds up her genie puppet and expresses her story to a friend

    Arts & Literacy

    Learn accessible to all artistic practices grounded in our research based program Bridges to enhance literacy learning.
    Bridges for Teachers
  • Arts & English Language Learning

    Learn how to build English Language skills through the arts. Based on our research program DELLTA.
    DELLTA for Teachers
  • artist leans into a group of HS students
    Culturally Responsive Education

    These workshops offer both theory and tangible strategies for creating equitable learning environments through ArtsConnection’s Liberated Learning Framework – Community Building, Cultural Humility, Student Agency, and Responsive Planning – with hands-on artistic experiences, reflection, and application.

  • artist leans in to two students - one is in a wheelchair. all three have colorful striped sock puppets on their hands.
    Students with Disabilities

    ArtsConnection has a long history of partnering with D75 schools and self-contained classrooms designing residencies that engage all students. AC’s approach offers all students and their teachers a new pathway to achievement, providing a “way in” to engagement and success for many children who learn best through alternative modalities.


Teaching Artists & Arts Org Administrators

We love to share what we’ve learned over 45 years in arts education with your artists and staff.

  • children play with their colorful ripped paper collage puppet heads in the air.

    Bridges for TAs

    At the core of Bridges is a belief in the power of learning through an artistic process. This belief has been activated in a rich library of approaches and activities valuable to beginning...
    Bridges for Artists
  • a group of middle school boys dancing while their peer films with an ipad

    Supporting multilingual learners in arts learning

    With a more complete understanding and a few tricks up their sleeves, Teaching Artists can create a rich learning experience for students who are learning English.
    DELLTA for TAs
  • A visual support card for the vocabulary word audience - shows lots of students some in wheelchairs, multi racial, one with noise protection, and one with a fidget.
    Working in Inclusion Settings

    ArtsConnection is a proud co-creator of GIVE: a free guide that supports Teaching Artists (TAs) in the creation of liberated learning environments and vibrant arts experiences within inclusion settings.

    GIVE Guide
  • Elements of a Liberated Arts Classrooms

    Grow your practices to foster welcoming, affirming, and rigorous learning in the arts by engaging strategies of AC elements of liberated arts classrooms; Community Building, Cultural Humility, Student Agency, and Responsive Planning.



We take our 45 years of knowledge and craft them into workshops that specifically meet your goals. All workshops involve hand-on arts experiences, reflection, and participants will leave with access to resources to apply to practice.

  • AC Professional Learning Workshops

    Here are some of the workshops we have done in the past.
    Workshop Examples