Linking Learning and the Arts

For 45 years, ArtsConnection has brought innovative arts programming to millions of New York City public school students. Our organization is founded on the belief that art possesses the power to deepen our collective understanding, encouraging students to think critically and introducing them to new avenues of creative expression. ArtsConnection’s research-based programming not only promotes literacy and communication, but sharpens students’ talents, better equipping them to navigate the world as socially engaged citizens. No student in New York City should be deprived of a vibrant arts education due to lack of access.

Each year, we partner with over 120 schools across all five boroughs, offering students in grades pre-K-12 free arts classes in theater, dance, music, visual arts, media, puppetry, and spoken word taught by a trained faculty of professional artists. Additionally, we also provide teens with a variety of out-of-school initiatives, preparing them for life in and out of the classroom.

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