Program Staff Supports

  • students hold their puppets playing in the middle of the table, puppets of kids overlap.

    LLEF Conversation Quick Start

    A tool for Program Managers to be used in preparation for planning meetings.  It provides various entry points for introductory conversations about LLEF, highlighting assests and outcomes...
    List of what an LLEF is
  • children play with their colorful ripped paper collage puppet heads in the air.

    Pep Talk/Overview

    Program staff have a keystone position for the implementation of the LLEF into our residencies.
    Pep Talk
  • Bridges Describing Tools

    Use thes tool to… attention to the expressive possibilities of the artform
    ...notice the variety of choices teachers make.
    …help you to describe the variet...
    Bridges Describing Arts Choices Tools
  • questions icon

    Classroom Observation

    Prior to the residency, you should set up a classroom observation for you and the TA. This is an opportunity to learn about the class and the students. This resource shares observation tip...
    GIVE- Classroom Observations
  • checklist clipboard with pencil

    LLEF Checklist for PMs

    This checklist can be used specifically for PMs when observing classes
    Download here
  • A girl holds up her genie puppet and expresses her story to a friend

    Guidelines/ Draft Arts Workshop Agenda

    Classroom Partners Arts Workshop Agenda Guidelines - Suggestions - Download and modify as needed.
    Download Blank Agenda Outline