LLEF Conversation Quick Start


This list is meant to be a tool for Program Managers to be used in preparation for planning meetings.  It provides various entry points for introductory conversations about LLEF, highlighting positive assets and outcomes.

An LLEF strives to ensure that every student feels seen and valued by actively recognizing and acknowledging the many layers of students’ cultures and identities.

An LLEF supports students, encouraging them to celebrate their full selves through the arts.

An LLEF allows student interests and curiosities to guide the path of learning, promoting student engagement and investment in their own educational journey.

An LLEF enhances accessibility for all students using multiple entry points and modalities of learning.

An LLEF encourages inquiry, curiosity, experimentation and joy, pushing back against the perfectionism that can impede the path to excellence.

An LLEF improves classroom cohesion, fostering community through collaborative practices.

An LLEF strengthens students’ ability to empathize, connect, and collaborate with a diverse group of peers.

An LLEF is flexible and responsive, allowing for an arts experience that is personalized to meet the needs and interests of your students.

An LLEF expands how excellence is measured, emphasizing process, engagement, and personal expression.

An LLEF amplifies student voice and agency, deepening the impact of the educational experience outside of the classroom.

An LLEF recognizes the value of trust and belonging in diminishing the learning blocks of anxiety and perfectionism.

An LLEF deepens your students’ arts learning experience with curriculums that showcase art and artists from different cultures, genders, classes, sexualities and with differing abilities.

An LLEF focus on process encourages student initiative, critical thinking and problem solving; essential skills for success both in and out of the classroom.