Teach with the 3 Bridges Model

The 3 bridges model gives teachers tools to reconnect literacy, the arts and social emotional learning.

The 3 Bridges Model:

  • Builds a foundation of essential working and thinking skills that children need across all subject areas.
  • Connects childrens’ curiosity and imagination to the world of school learning.
  • Supports children to challenge themselves and work from strengths.
  • Offers tools that build agency and create a liberated learning environment for all children.

Bridge 1: Multisensory Literate Expression

Bridge 2: Notice, Describe and Ask Protocol

Bridge 3: An Artist’s Process


What the 3 Bridges teach in literacy:


What the 3 Bridges teach in the arts:


What the 3 Bridges teach in Social Emotional Learning:


How the 3 Bridges build a liberated learning environment: