Being able to change and adjust how we teach ALL students to meet their diverse learning needs inclusive of backgrounds, and abilities. It allows for space to be created to support student agency. Planning when, where, and how to be flexible with classroom teachers/ partners in advance can create a supportive space where students feel safe expressing their needs, asking questions, and taking risks.

“It’s advantageous for the company and the director for the process to feel more like Jazz and less like Beethoven. One of the greatest assets working in my favor during this process was the ability to change on a dime. In a “normal” theater production or music ensemble, every person has a specific role and they practice replicating that role during every rehearsal. While repetition certainly has a place in this work, and can be great for reinforcing certain musical, physical, or dynamic moments, it is not the only, or the most effective way, to rehearse. 

On any given day, a certain student is having a crisis, or was in a fight, or is out sick, or is tending to family issues that are far beyond the scope of this work. This is a reality, and this also affects the work of a tightly knit ensemble, where everyone has a place. In order to ensure a smooth rehearsal and the ability for the company to move into their work, it has to be fundamental to the process that individuals feel comfortable stepping outside of their pre-assigned roles.” – Truth Future Bachman