DELLTA Collaborative Arts Portfolio tools walk students through the process of compiling and presenting an arts portfolio.
Collaborative Arts Portfolio Template
A template for students building a Collaborative Arts Portfolio to document and analyze their process of creating an original piece of art. The portfolio builds from inspiration to creation, feedback, revision, and performance. Students compile and organize artifacts of learning including photos, writing and video. PowerPoint template.
Portfolio Presentation Planner
The Portfolio Presentation Planner is an organizational tool that supports ML students’ ability to work collaboratively to reflect on their artistic process, distill their experience as a group, speak about their learning and plan how and what to present. It’s also a support for ML students during the presentation itself.
Portfolio Presentation Checklist
This checklist is used by students in the audience to assess and give their peers feedback on their portfolio presentations. Each point of criteria is represented by a visual symbol.
Portfolio Criteria, Standards, Demands and Supports
This tool developed by DELLTA teachers and artists for teachers aligns each element of the Collaborative Arts Portfolio with criteria, ELA Speaking and Listening Standards, language demands and language supports. DELLTS educators identified.