DELLTA tools support multilingual learners in giving and receiving peer feedback, self assessing and revising their work.
Collaborative Conversation Prompts
These conversation prompts support students in engaging in constructive and positive conversation in response to student work. Use these prompts to get the conversation started when students watch each other’s work.
Feedback & Revision Log
This worksheet provides students with a way to record feedback that a fellow student shares about their work. Then students are given an opportunity to choose whether or not to revise their work based on the feedback. This empowers students to make artistic choices while also valuing the opinions of peers.
Back of a middle school student's head as he points to a chart labeled
Theater Performance Criteria
This is a tool for generating feedback with students in theater and film. It includes performance criteria and sentence starters for students giving each other feedback.
A group of about 10 teachers is gathered in a circle at a professional development. They listen as a teaching artist speaks.
Ladder of Feedback
The Ladder of Feedback is a protocol for giving feedback developed at Harvard’s Project Zero. This protocol provides a structured and constructive way to give feedback that can be used by students in a classroom or by educators in a Professional Learning Community.
Two middle school students look at an iPad video of students presenting a scene.
Theater Self Reflection Questions
This worksheet helps MLs to reflect on their theater-making and groupwork. It uses simple language and visuals to make it more accessible to students learning English.