DELLTA Research Timeline


Through an unparalleled series of grants from the US DOE, ArtsConnection has:

  • deepened organizational knowledge and understanding about teaching and learning
  • conducted practitioner research that had led to increasingly complex work
  • built the capacity of ArtsConnection staff and artists, classroom teachers and art specialists to help students in the New York City public schools learn to work and think like artists
  • worked with an independent research team to gather data about our programs and their effect on teachers and students

DELLTA:  Developing English Language Literacy through the Arts

Phase 1

2005-2008        DELLTA/Elementary Schools Residency Model (AEMDD)                                                                           

2006-2010        DELLTA/Middle Schools Residency Model (AEMDD)

The first phase of DELLTA provided dance and theater residencies to Multilingual Learners.

Phase 2

2011-2014        DELLTA PD Model (PDAE)

In 2011, the Professional Development piece was added to the residency work in schools with a real focus on teacher inquiry into their students’ learning.  Teachers and teaching artists began observing their students more deeply to develop strategies to enhance the arts and language learning. 

Phase 3

​​2014-2018        Digital DELLTA (AEMDD)

In 2014, the program expanded even further to incorporate a digital component.  With the use of more digital technology, students were able to document their progress with the creation of a digital portfolio of their work.  Along the way, many resources were created by educators to support students in their arts and language learning. Professional development was expanded to include opportunities for educators to experience the process of artistic creation and portfolio development for themselves.


In March 2020, DELLTA pivoted to remote instruction.  Many lessons were learned as teachers, artists and students worked together to continue to create collaborative art in the digital space.